We’ve been stuck home for a little over a year with no idea if we would ever see our friends again. If you’re in dire need of familiar faces and you want an escape, planning a girl’s trip and using these tips will ensure your vacation is one to remember.

Balanced Budget

Tips to planning a girls trip: Edgartown Lighthouse

When you’re traveling, it’s important to travel with people that have similar budgets to you. 

For example, I pay for convenience and when I’m on vacation, I prefer comfortable mid-luxury accommodations. It wouldn’t be a good idea for me to travel with someone who only stayed in motels or hostels. Or even someone who refused to compromise to meet everyone halfway. When planning a girl’s trip it’s important that everyone is willing to give and take a little.

The same with food bills. If you have one friend that only wants to pay for what she eats, then make sure you travel with her when there are only two of you. Because when you’re in a group of seven, no one has time to work out everyone’s bill. What made our recent girl’s trip to Martha’s Vineyard so easy was that we would split the bill evenly and one person would pay. The rest of us would send her our payments immediately via PayPal or a similar app. We made an exception because one of our friends was pregnant, so we took the time to calculate her meals. 

But compromise makes it easy.

Similar Likes and Dislikes

If it sounds like I’m talking about finding your ideal partner, don’t worry, I’m not.

But with planning a successful girls’ trip, your friends must enjoy similar activities, or else planning activities will be hell. Who wants to go through hell to plan something and there’s no telling how the execution will be? 

We all enjoyed similar things, so it was easy to make plans.

Normalize Not Doing Everything Together

Tips to planning a girls trip: Marthas Vineyard
At this point in the trip, the other girls were tired and didn’t want to get in the pool. So I went in by myself.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know this is my favorite thing when I travel. Being able to do me and letting others do them.

Sometimes when you travel with people, there’s tension when you break from the crowd, and to keep the good vibes going, normalize this.

One day, my friend Lisa and I stayed at the hotel all day while the other girls went to the mall. I love a good hotel nap and a lazy day so I always try to include it in my day. No one was upset and everyone understood. 

Divide and Conquer

Very few people want to plan the entire girl’s trip by herself. So a good idea is to divide tasks that way the pressure isn’t solely on one person to do it all and ensures everyone has input (so they can’t complain later).

For example, if you need to find lodging, make reservations for a tour and make dinner reservations, split the tasks up, and give everyone a deadline to complete it. 

Fewer things for everyone to do and planning seems seamless. 


Girls Trip Planning Tips_NYC
On this 2019 NYC girl’s trip, I didn’t know one of the girls. Video chats via the Marco Polo app a few weeks before the trip helped us feel like long lost friends by the time we arrived in New York.

Not what you’re thinking or it can be. If everyone lives in the same city, meet and coordinate your trip.

If everyone doesn’t live in the same city, use an app like Marco Polo so that you can have a group chat and coordinate things easily. 

I went on a girl’s trip one time where I didn’t know everyone. By the time we had chatted in the group a few times, it was just like I knew her. Our group wasn’t limited to vacation plans but to current events and other topics of interest.

There are several ways to plan a successful girls’ trip. These tips ensure that you’re on your trip with the best people possible to have a great time. 

Checkout this post to get the best trip planning resources, to make your girl’s trip planning easier.

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