After our twin boys turned eighteen months old and they were super mobile and full of energy, we knew it was time to take an adults-only break and go on a couples trip. That year we chose Cuba, and man was it the fun and relaxation that we needed. From that moment, we made a pact to take a couples trip annually. Therefore, when our friend invited us to a wedding in Jamaica this year, we knew this was the location of our 2020 couples trip. And man it did not disappoint! Below are 4 reasons why Jamaica is perfect for a couples trip!

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The Perfect Ambiance

Relaxing beachfront at Half Moon Resortr
Relaxing beachfront at The Half Moon

Nothing is more romantic than paradise. You know, crystal clear ocean water, the sound of waves gently crashing, and the most dreamy sunset. Well, Jamaica is known as paradise for a reason, making Jamaica perfect for couples. We stayed at The Half Moon Luxury Resort’s newest addition, The Eclipse. It opened in February 2020. Because of COVID, it was open for two weeks before it had to close. So lucky for us, everything was brand new when we went there a few weeks after it reopened. 

Half Moon is absolutely gorgeous and very well maintained. The staff is very attentive and will go above and beyond to assist. Many celebrities stay at The Half Moon, including Eddie Murphy. So with that said, you know it has to be pretty pricey, with the going rate of $600 per night. Would I pay that to stay here, absolutely NOT! But since we were there for a wedding, our rate was about 50% off. For that price point, the beauty and hospitality of the resort was worth it. 

Activities for Everyone

Jamaica for couples_Martha's Brae Raft
Martha’s Brae Rafting

Whether you’re a beach lover or adventure seeker, Jamaica has something for every couple. If you want to experience one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, you have to go to Seven Mile Beach in Negril. The water is clear and filled with blue and turquoise hues. And no worries if you can’t make it to Negril, any beach in Jamaica will offer a romantic sunset experience for couples. 

Now if you like excursions, then Jamaica has endless options – from a romantic ninety minute ride on a raft on the Martha’s Brae River, to jumping off cliffs at Rick’s Cafe or The Blue Hole, or bobsledding at Mystic Mountain. And of course there is always snorkeling, going on a catamaran, and even horseback riding in the ocean. Like I said, Jamaica offers an endless number of excursions that will create lifetime memories for couples.

Delicious Food and Drink

Jamaica for couples_Half Moon Balcony
From the balcony of our room at The Half Moon

Personally, delicious food and tasty drinks are the epitome of a vacation, especially one without kids. The flavorful food, fresh fruits and veggies, and beyond delicious rum and cocktails is what makes Jamaica perfect for couples who are like my hubs and me and enjoy a good meal and drink.

Our personal favorite foods in Jamaica were the ackee and saltfish for breakfast and jerk chicken, curry goat, or oxtails for lunch or dinner. Oh, and I can’t forget the BBQ from Scotchies. And when I say that BBQ was so tender and delicious, I didn’t even have time to take a picture. 

Oh, and if you know me, I always have a favorite libation. So “when in Rome” I had to go with the Jamaican Rum and Jamaican Rum Cream. Both made for a fun and delicious time. 

Stress-free Experience

Jamaica for couples_Margaritaville
Margaritaville on Seven Mile Beach in Negril

Paradise cannot exist within stress. This is what made Jamaica a perfect place for a couples trip. The locals are beyond kind, making you feel welcome, giving tips on places to go or foods to try, and ready to have fun and dance the night away. 

I recommend on a couples trip that you take the easiest, most stress-free route possible. We personally hired a driver, Onike’s Tour, who planned our day trips to Negril and Ocho Rios. For about $150 a day we did not have to worry about the details of the day, and most importantly, we could sit back and relax (well, sleep) as we drove the one and half to two hour drive each way to our destinations.

Hands down, I would absolutely return to Jamaica for a couples trip. Heck, I would return to Jamaica for any type of trip. The endless amount of adventurous activities, delicious food, beautiful ambiance, and the utopia of paradise makes Jamaica the perfect place for any couple looking to get away on a baecation. 

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