As a Global Account Team Leader working with Fortune 100 Companies for almost 10 years, I understand the importance of having mutually beneficial partnerships where each party brings value and visions align.

Consequently, I would love to work with brands that align with the purpose and vision of Marquita’s Travels.

How We Can Collaborate

Below are a few ways we can work together; however, I am open to additional opportunities:

  • Travel and Mom Blog Writing
  • Instagram Blog Posts
  • Product Reviews and Giveaways
  • Travel Articles
  • Speaking Engagements

I’m Looking To Partner With

  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Airlines
  • Tourism Boards
  • Brands tailored to traveling and/or kids

My Audience

  • 80% Women aged 25-44 Years Old
  • 80% Live in The United States

Interested in partnering with Marquita’s Travels? Please contact me at or fill out the form below. I’m excited about the beauty we’ll create together.