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Bed and breakfast lodging has a special place in my heart. Our first trip as a couple was to Asheville, NC where we stayed in a bed and breakfast. It was the most special and romantic experience. Honestly, I never thought about staying at a bed and breakfast once I had kids. However, with the pandemic limiting travel opportunities, I wanted to put a fun and unique spin on our travels. It turns out that staying at a bed and breakfast was perfect for our family.

Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast for Family Vacations

Mouton Plantation Courtyard- Lafayette, LA

One of the reasons I travel with my twin two-year-old boys is to provide them with unique experiences. A bed and breakfast offers just that – showing them the wide variety of ways one could travel. 

Admittedly, bed and breakfasts are not normally thought of as the most optimal place for families to stay. But that could be the furthest from the truth with our experience. I mean, what’s better than having a homemade breakfast ready for the kiddos when they wake? And a breakfast that you don’t have to cook or clean up after! I mean does the morning get any easier than that?

Additionally, most bed and breakfast places have a sprawling yard that gives the kiddos plenty of space to run around and burn their pinned up energy. Plus, most are based in historical locations, lending to a perfect education and learning opportunity (and beautiful antique decor).

Breakfast: Pure Yumminess 

Now, let’s get into this breakfast. 

Some of you may be like yeah, yeah, many hotels include breakfast in their stay. What’s so special about eating at a bed and breakfast? Well, let’s start with the fact that most include homemade food – from savory french toast, homemade shrimp and grits, and fluffy pancakes to homemade jams and syrups to complement the amazing flavors of the entree. It’s like going to one of the top brunch restaurants by simply walking down the stairs. 

In fact, we would wake the boys up 20 minutes before breakfast was scheduled to start. After quickly brushing their teeth and washing their face, we would walk down the wooden staircase as a family, dressed in our pajamas. Upon arrival at the beautifully set breakfast table, we would find coffee and orange juice already waiting for us. 

After our bellies were full of deliciousness, we were ready to start our day without mommy or daddy having to lift a single finger or pay an additional dollar.

Space For a Family

Personally, I have stayed at four different bed and breakfasts, in four different cities. Now I must admit, three of the four have been in Southern US cities in buildings that were former plantations or homes to former city leaders. Therefore, the rooms were very spacious, lending space for a family. 

In fact, our last bed and breakfast, Mouton Plantation, offered family suites. Our particular suite included two bedrooms and one bathroom. This allowed the boys to have their own room which I could view from our bed. Plus, the boys got a kick out of the high beds which allowed them to play “fort” underneath. Memories were created for sure!

Tip to keeping your toddlers from rolling out of bed:

After tucking your kiddos under the covers, place pillows along the perimeter of the bed and make sure the sheets and covers are firmly placed under the mattress. Be the housekeeper that makes it impossible to pull the cover from underneath the mattress. *

A Word to the Wise

Like any lodging type, it’s not a one size fits all scenario. Therefore, make sure you do your due diligence to ensure that particular bed and breakfast welcomes children, as many do not. is a great resource. You can actually filter by “allows children” and select what other amenities that work for your family, including COVID protocols. 

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast During COVID

Bed and Breakfast Family Table
Breakfast table at Mouton Plantation in Lafayette, LA

Pre-pandemic, one of the best things about staying at a bed and breakfast was the ability to meet other people over breakfast or during the afternoon cocktail hour. Unfortunately, the current climate does not welcome this type of interaction. 

Therefore, I was happy to learn that we were the only guests on our floor and for our entire stay, there were only two other parties. For breakfast, all three parties, a total of 7-8 people, dined at a table that fit 14 individuals. They were sure to leave an open place setting in between parties to encourage social distancing.

Similarly, they required that masks be worn when outside of your suite.

Personally, we felt safe and comfortable. 

After having this unique bed and breakfast experience with my family, I can’t wait to stay at another. Personally, the delicious homemade breakfast and beautiful antique decorations won me over. Plus the boys loved the sprawling yard space to run around and have fun. It was the perfect win/win.

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