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Guatemala Vacation_Tzampoc

Is Guatemala Safe for Female Travelers? Guatemala Itinerary 2022

Is Guatemala Safe for Female Travelers? When I told my friends and family that my next solo trip was to Guatemala, the common question was, “Guatemala, why Guatemala?” The second question was, “Is Guatemala safe for female travelers?” Well, after showing them pictures of where I was going to spend my Guatemalan vacation, Lake Atitlan and Antigua, …

Santa Barbara Weekend_Rolling Hills

Santa Barbara Weekend Trip

Everything is better in California. Believe me, I would know! I spent an unforgettable weekend in Santa Barbara. Oh the views, wine, food, vibes…Sorry, I digressed. Kinda.  Keep reading for the details. How to get to Santa Barbara  My Santa Barbara weekend started with a flight to LAX airport. Then I hopped on the Amtrak …