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Cuba- Dancing

Best Trip Planning Resources

Planning a trip can be a labor intensive and exhausting job for some – planning the logistics, determining the activities you want to do, making it fit a budget, etc. The key to easing some of the load of planning a trip is to know the best travel planning resources to use for each part …

Must-have kid traveling item- GB Pockit Stroller

10 Must-Have Items When Traveling With Kids

I can clearly remember being a first time mom with twins, itching to get back to travel. I read numerous blog posts and recommendations on the must-have items when traveling with kids, but very few mentioned what to do when you have two kids- especially twins. Now that my kids are two-years-old and have been …

Things To Do On Vacation: Selecting Your Activities

Depending on the location, there could be so many “Things to Do” options that it could become overwhelming to select which activities you want to do in your precious and limited time while on vacation. Below are the strategies and resources I use when determining which activities I want to take part of.  My Golden …

Tips To Catch A Flight Deal

The key to affordable travel is finding flight deals. There are so many out there. These tips will help you find the ones that can work for you.