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Things to do in Sarasota with kids

Things To Do In Sarasota With Kids

Many places claim to be paradise, so when I noticed that Sarasota made this claim, my first thought was “Let me be the judge of that!” Well, they were right. It is legit paradise, right in Florida. Sarasota offers white-sand beaches with blue and turquoise-hued water, jaw-dropping million dollar homes to check out, and an …

Ice Castle Lake Geneva

5 Reasons To Visit Lake Geneva During The Winter

When I think of a winter wonderland, I think of a quaint city filled with outdoor winter adventures and great food. Well, let’s just say that Lake Geneva, Wisconsin did not disappoint on our family ski vacation. As a Wisconsite, born and raised less than one hour away, I’m a bit bummed that this was …

Bed and Breakfast for Family_Twins

Why Your Next Family Vacation Should Be At A Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast lodging has a special place in my heart. Our first trip as a couple was to Asheville, NC where we stayed in a bed and breakfast. It was the most special and romantic experience. Honestly, I never thought about staying at a bed and breakfast once I had kids. However, with the …

Kids Lafayette Sign

Things to Do in Lafayette, LA with Kids

There is something so special about smaller towns – the charm, the food, and the sense of community. That’s why I was so happy when my husband needed to go to Lafayette, LA, about a two-hour drive from New Orleans. It was the perfect place to make a family vacation. While planning our trip, I …

37 Balloon New Orleans Staycation

48 Hour New Orleans Staycation

January 2021. It’s the time of year to celebrate my birthday. I was clueless on what I wanted to do. After the “fun” of 2020, I knew I wanted to do something actually fun to celebrate. I was also exhausted and didn’t want to put too much effort into planning and logistics. Then it dawned …

Jamaica for couples_Ocean romance

4 Reasons Why Jamaica is Perfect for a Couples Trip

After our twin boys turned eighteen months old and they were super mobile and full of energy, we knew it was time to take an adults-only break and go on a couples trip. That year we chose Cuba, and man was it the fun and relaxation that we needed. From that moment, we made a …

Luxury Hostel_Pool

First Hostel Experience for a 36 Year Old Mom

You know those folks that say “Where I stay on vacation isn’t important, I’m just sleeping there.” Well, that’s not me. I’m actually the complete opposite, especially on vacation. I’m the person who’s looking for a unique and/or luxurious experience. So when I was planning to visit a friend who had temporarily moved to Tulum, …

Bermuda Babymoon_Preggers Beach Pic

Bermuda Babymoon

It’s the winter of 2018, and Zika has wreaked havoc on most of the Caribbean countries. You’re a travelista, and seven months pregnant with twins, so your options for a babymoon are limited. Europe is out because I mean, it’s freaking cold in January. Anything in South America or Asia is not an option because …

St. Lucia Trip Guide

The St. Lucia Travel Guide highlights the key activities to do on this beautiful island, including a division by North and South St. Lucia.

Torrent de Pareis_Weekend Trip

Solo Weekend in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

When traveling the world for work, especially over a weekend, I find it’s necessary to find opportunities to explore new places when possible. Therefore, when I learned that I needed to be at a tradeshow in Dusseldorf, Germany over an almost two week timeframe, I knew I had to use the weekend as an opportunity …